UrgoTul Absorb Border Square Dressing, 8 x 8 cm

UrgoTul Absorb Border Square Dressing, 8 x 8 cm (Ten pack)

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UrgoTul absorb border is an adhesive foam dressing with soft-adherent TLC, when in contact with wound exudate, UrgoTul absorb border gels and creates a moist environment, promoting healing. UrgoTul absorb border stimulates fibroblast proliferation and ensures non-adherence and pain-free dressing changes. The absorbent polyurethane foam pad ensures drainage of exudate, protecting the peril-wound skin against maceration. A vapor permeable waterproof outer film with silicone adhesive on the edges. UrgoTul absorb border square dressing can be changed every 2 to 4 days and left in place for up to 7 days depending on the wound condition. Measures 8 cm length by 8 cm width.

  • Absorbent lipid-colloid foam dressing with adhesive border
  • Very conformable to different wound shapes
  • Easy monitoring of fluid strikethrough
  • Can be used under compression
  • Easy to remove with pain-free dressing change

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