2 x Kliniderm Superabsorbent Dressing 20cm x 30cm (2 Packs of 10)

2 x Kliniderm Superabsorbent Dressing 20cm x 30cm (2 Packs of 10)

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This package includes two dressings, each measuring 20cm x 30cm, offering you a reliable and effective solution for managing highly exuding wounds. Let's explore the features of Kliniderm Superabsorbent Dressing:

  1. Advanced Superabsorbent Technology: Kliniderm Dressing utilizes advanced superabsorbent technology that allows it to effectively absorb and lock away large amounts of wound exudate. This helps create a drier wound environment and reduces the risk of leakage and maceration.

  2. High Absorption Capacity: The superabsorbent properties of this dressing enable it to handle heavy exudate levels, making it suitable for wounds with high drainage rates. It effectively manages exudate, reducing the need for frequent dressing changes and providing longer wear time.

  3. Rapid Retention and Distribution of Exudate: The dressing rapidly absorbs and distributes wound exudate throughout its core, minimizing the risk of saturation in one area. This feature helps maintain the integrity of the dressing and prevents leakage.

  4. Locks in Odor: Kliniderm Dressing contains an odor-locking technology that helps trap and neutralize unpleasant odors associated with wound exudate. This feature enhances patient comfort and confidence.

  5. Soft and Conformable: The dressing is soft and highly conformable, allowing it to adapt to wound contours for a secure fit. It promotes patient comfort and minimizes the risk of pressure points.

  6. Maintains Moist Wound Environment: Kliniderm Dressing helps maintain a moist wound healing environment, which is conducive to the natural healing process. The moist environment supports optimal wound healing, promoting faster granulation and epithelialization.

  7. Minimizes Risk of Maceration: With its superior absorbency and moisture control, Kliniderm Dressing helps minimize the risk of maceration, which can occur when excess moisture accumulates around the wound. This feature protects the surrounding healthy skin.

  8. Versatile and Suitable for Various Wound Types: This superabsorbent dressing is suitable for use on a wide range of wound types, including chronic wounds, acute wounds, surgical wounds, and more.

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