2 x Atrauman Silicone Dressing 20cm x 30cm 499565 (2 Packs of 5)

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The Atrauman Silicone Dressing features a unique non-adherent silicone layer that gently adheres to the surrounding skin without sticking to the wound bed itself. This non-adherent property minimizes pain and trauma during dressing changes, ensuring a comfortable experience for the patient.

With its silicone layer, the dressing acts as a barrier, preventing it from adhering to the wound and reducing the risk of further tissue damage. The atraumatic removal feature makes it ideal for delicate and sensitive skin, providing gentle wound care.

Designed to create an optimal wound healing environment, the Atrauman Silicone Dressing allows for water vapor and oxygen permeability. This promotes a moist wound environment while preventing excessive moisture buildup and facilitating necessary gas exchange, supporting the natural healing process.

Measuring 20cm x 30cm, this dressing provides ample coverage for larger wounds or can be cut into smaller sizes to accommodate various wound shapes and sizes. Versatile and adaptable, it is suitable for a range of wound types, including chronic wounds, acute wounds, and post-operative wounds.

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