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2 x Activon Manuka Honey Dressing Tube 25G

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Introducing the Activon Manuka Honey Dressing Tube, a powerful and natural solution for wound care. This pack includes two tubes, each containing 25g of premium Manuka honey-based dressing.

Harnessing the unique properties of Manuka honey, this dressing offers exceptional antimicrobial activity, promoting faster wound healing. Manuka honey is renowned for its potent antibacterial properties, effectively combating bacteria and reducing the risk of infection. It also provides a moist wound environment, which is crucial for optimal healing.

The Activon Manuka Honey Dressing Tube is easy to apply and suitable for a variety of wound types, including cuts, abrasions, burns, and ulcers. Its gentle formulation is ideal for sensitive skin and ensures minimal discomfort during application and removal.

Not only does this dressing promote healing, but it also helps to reduce inflammation and minimize scarring. It provides a protective barrier against external elements, preventing further damage to the wound and promoting uninterrupted healing.

With two tubes of 25g each, you'll have an ample supply of this exceptional Manuka honey dressing. It's a must-have for first aid kits, healthcare professionals, and anyone seeking natural and effective wound care solutions.


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