Suprasorb® Calcium Alginate Dressing + Silver 5x5 cm Pack of 10 – 20570

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Product description

Suprasorb has + AG ensure cleanliness and reduction of germs by combining natural calcium alginate and antimicrobial silver. Suprasorb a + AG is the dressing for highly exuding wounds, infected or at risk of infection. The silver ions released by contact with exudate of the wound gel can develop their directly on to the surface of the wound effect thanks to the formation of alginate. Suprasorb a + AG covers a broad spectrum antimicrobial and can also be used in case of infections Clinically Proven. The bacteria and germs are trapped in the gel and destroyed. The plaster is also effective against MRSA and ERV. With regard to its physical, Suprasorb properties a + AG is the bandage to calcium alginate Suprasorb A. Suprasorb a + AG, available as a compress and high-speed steel.
Rapid antimicrobial action and expanded, also against MRSA and ERV
Promotes the healing of the wound by a large power of absorption of exudate
Maximum flexibility, regardless of the of the wound bed (formation of gel by ion exchange)
gréduction bioburden in the wound and fixation in the gel bed
In the case of infection:
Secondary occlusive dressing only by the physician, depending on the whole picture


Alginate, Silver

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