Smith & Nephew Iodoflex Cadexomer Iodine Pad 5 Gram Pads 4Cm X 6Cm 5/Pk Box

Smith & Nephew Iodoflex Cadexomer Iodine Pad 5 Gram Pads 4Cm X 6Cm 5/Pk Box

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Description Iodoflex Pads Are Sterile Formulations Of Cadexomer Iodine When Applied To The Wound, They Absorb Fluids, Removing Exudate, Pus And Debris And Forming A Gel Over The Wound Surface As They Absorb, Iodine Is Released, Killing Bacteria And Changing Color Features: A 3-In-1 Mode Of Action Kills Bacteria, Manages Exudate, And Debrides The Wound Bed Benefits Helps Promote Wound Healing Exudate And Debris Is Removed Effectively Iodoflex Helps To Promote A Clean Wound Healing Environment A Change In Color (White) Indicates When Iodoflex? Should Be Changed Gel Formed Over The Wound Promotes Moist Healing Accelerated Healing Rates Can Lead To Earlier Patient Discharges Fewer Dressing Changes Iodoflex? Pads Contain Cadexomer Iodine Which Can Absorb Up To 6 Times Its Weight In Fluid Range Of Sizes To Suit Most Wound Sizes Patient Comfort Iodoflex? Pads Treat Infection, Associated Pain Is Reduced Which Can Improve Quality Of Life Iodoflex? Is Non-Adhesive Which Can Reduce Trauma At Dressing Changes And Encourage Patient Compliance The Product Referenced On This Detail Page Is Sold Be 5/Pk

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