Smith & Nephew Algisite M Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing, 5cm x 5cm, Pack of 10

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Smith & Nephew Algisite M Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing

A calcium-alginate dressing which forms a soft, gel that absorbs when it comes into contact with wound exudate.


  • Helps utilize the proven benefits of moist wound management.
  • When used in a moderate to highly exuding wound, the dressing forms a soft gel, which does not adhere to the delicate healing tissues in the wound bed.
  • The production of a gel by the action of exudate on the alginate fibers creates a moist wound environment at the wound surface - This helps prevent eschar formation and promotes an optimal moist wound environment.
  • The dressing allows wound contraction to occur, which may help reduce scarring and also allows gaseous exchange necessary for a healthy wound bed.
  • Conforms to wound contours- Can be molded, folded or cut to meet a wide range of wound shapes and sizes.
  • Fast gelling, high mannuronic acid fibers.
  • The advanced bonding technique means low fiber shed.
  • Highly absorbent - High wet and dry strength.
  • Soft and conformable.
  • The dressing can remain in the wound for up to 7 days, depending on the nature of the wound and the volume of exudate.
  • Easy to remove - The dressing can be easily lifted out of the wound in one piece, or washed out with saline.
  • Latex free.

ALGISITE M may be used for the management of minor conditions such as:

  • Lacerations
  • Abrasions
  • Skin tears
  • Minor burns

ALGISITE M may also be used for the management of full and partial thickness wounds including:

  • Leg Ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Surgical wounds.

Size: 5cm x 5cm. 

Pack of 5. 

  • Calcium alginate dressing indicated for the management of full and partial thickness wounds.
  • Can also be used for: pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, malignant wounds and burns.
  • Latex free.
  • Size: 5cm x 5cm, Pack of 10

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