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NEUTRALISE (Ostomist) Grapefruit, Apple, Blackberry, Cinnamon & Sandalwood and Mint has been specially created for ostomy appliances to break through odour problems whilst providing a refreshing light fragrance. Rather than masking odour, it neutralises it fast and effectively.

Spray it once into the pouch when changing your appliance and experience the highly effective neutralising properties of the spray. Neutralise will also deodorise a room quickly and efficiently leaving the aroma of either freshly squeezed tangy Grapefruit, orchard fresh Apple , woodland Blackberry, smoothly spicy Cinnamon & Sandalwood or clean, fresh Mint. Available in a pump action spray, it is user and environmentally friendly. Need to know when to order more? No guesswork needed with the see through container.

Prescription Order Codes:

Apple – DPA1
 (100ml) – DPA2 (50ml)
Grapefruit – DWR1 (100ml) – DWR2 (50ml)
Blackberry – BDW1 (100ml) – BDW2 (50ml)
Cinnamon – CSW1 (100ml) – CSW2 (50ml)
Mint – SBL1 (100ml) – SBL2 (50ml)

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