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The absorbent hydrocolloid dressing for the moist wound action.<br/>Product Features:<br/>Hydrocoll dressings, sterile, individually Eingesiegelt, 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm<br/>The absorbent hydrocolloid dressing for the moist wound action. Available in five different sizes for a bedarfsgerechten use. Absorbent, self-adhesive hydrocolloid dressing with Semipermeabler Keimdichter top layer, and gives the Gelumwandlung of the Hydrokolloiden dressing of a moist Wundmi place, where the gel the absorbent, up to the Hydrokolloide Gesättigt are, granulation and epithelial as, without having to remove wound irritation, cut lengths, available in a range of titles available.<br/>Directions for use:<br/>For wet wound action Clinically not Infizierter, weak to medium Sezernierender wounds and are excellent for wounds with poor healing trend and Langwierigem granulation assembly, for example for Ulcus cruris or pressure sores; for burns 2nd degree; Hydrocoll Sacral is very important for Dekubital Ulzerationen in the Sakralber measuring, Hydrocoll concave on the heels or elbows.<br/>Package Content:<br/>1 Pack of 10<br/>Source: rtmann. de<br/>Stand: 05/2015

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