Hartmann Zetuvit Plus Sterile Dressing Pads, 10cm x 20cm, Pack of 10

Hartmann Zetuvit Plus Sterile Dressing Pads, 10cm x 20cm, Pack of 10

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Hartmann Zetuvit Plus Sterile Dressing Pads

The blend of cellulose fluff and fluid retaining super absorbent particles (SAP) means that Zetuvit Plus is particularly suitable for the treatment of superficial, heavily exuding, acute and chronic wounds.


  • Super Absorbent wound dressing pad for treatment of superficial, heavily exuding wounds. 
  • Ideal for surgical wounds, lymphatic wounds, leg ulcers and ulcerating tumours.
  • Suitable for use under compression therapy.
  • 4-layer design of skin-friendly materials gives the dressing a unique softness with an excellent padding effect.
  • The high absorption and retention capacity reduces the risk of maceration.
  • Hydrophobic outer surface prevents adherence to the wound.
  • Hydrophilic cellulose fibres quickly pass exudate in to the absorbent core.
  • Green, water repellent, air permeable non-woven layer protects against contamination.
  • Soft cellulose fluff blended with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) quickly absorbs and retains exudate.
  • Sterile - Individually sealed. 
  • Size: 10cm x 20cm. 
  • Pack of 10. 
  • A super absorber designed to handle high exudate levels.
  • Can be used under compression.
  • Size: 10cm x 20cm.
  • Pack of 10.

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