Cellona Undercast Padding Bandage 10cm x 2.75M - Box of 6

Cellona Undercast Padding Bandage 10cm x 2.75M - Box of 6

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Cellona is used as an air-permeable cushion for undercast padding.

  • Cellona Undercast Padding Bandage retains its softness and elasticity to protect exposed bones and nerves under P.o.P. and synthetic casting tapes. Ideal for padding under Actico cohesive bandage. 

  • The fine fibrous web is strong enough to permit application in circular turns, but is easy to tear and provides a smooth surface.

  • The material's self-adhesion facilitates application by simply smoothing down.

  • Cellona Synthetic Undercast Padding Dressing is air-permeable and compensates for changes in temperature. The fibres do not absorb any moisture, the casting tape hardens faster, and the good padding effect is retained with long-term wear.

  • 100% polyester fibres, in various sizes in roll form, with paper wrapper; sterilisable (autoclave at 121°C or other methods) 

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