Activa 10mmHg Liner Pack - 3 Sand Closed Toe Liners. Size: Small

Activa 10mmHg Liner Pack - 3 Sand Closed Toe Liners. Size: Small

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Flexible compression liners to use with your own stockings. Each stocking liner provides light compression of 10mmHg. This is ideal for maintenance therapy, palliative care and for patients who are new to compression hosiery. The liners come in packs of three, and give you lots of flexibility in how you use them. You can use just one, or you can layer them to provide higher levels of compression. For example, one 10mmHg liner = 10mmHg, and two 10mmHg liners = 20mmHg. Additionally, the liner can be worn under a higher compression stocking. For example, one x 10mmHg liner + Activa British Standard 14-17mmHg = 25mmHg. The silky liner material enables the top stocking to slip easily over your leg. This can be easier to put on than a single high compression garment.

  • Use with your own stockings
  • Light compression of 10 mmHg
  • Actively supports your ankle
  • A flexible compression solution
  • Silky liner material is easy to put on

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