Actico Cohesive Bandage 8cm x 6m

Actico Cohesive Bandage 8cm x 6m

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Product description

Actico inelastic compression bandages are clinically proven to help your leg ulcer healand/or treat swollen ankles and legs. The bandages are compression bandages, which means they ‘squeeze’ your limb. The gentle squeezing pushes the body fluids (either/or blood and lymph) back to where they need to go. Actico bandages will reduce swollen ankles and legs and help any wound to heal.

Legal Disclaimer

Actico is a specialized bandage and professional advice should be sought before using this product

  • Actico is a a cohesive inelastic compression bandage system
  • Simple to apply
  • Non slip so Actico requires fewer re-applications.

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