Abbott Ensure TwoCal Drink Mixed Carton 30 x 200 ml

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<br/> Ensure TwoCal is a Hochkalorische (2 Kcal/ML), Vollbilanzierte drinking Diet With Präbiotisch effective dietary fibres (Fruc tool Igosac Charide).<br/> The drinking food is available in a practical bottle, in the Three refreshing aromas Vanilla, Strawberry and Banana.<br/> Ensure TwoCal is especially suitable for high energy consumption (Cystischefibrose, COPD, HIV/AIDS), Volume Restriktion (heart Insuffizienz, Respiratorische of Insuffizienz), of malnutrition<br/> Other applications: Healing of Ilungs disorders, Gastroenterologische conditions, recovering Pre and post-operative nutrition, veterinary treatment. – Energy Density 2.0 kcal/mL<br/> Nutrient relation (% energy):<br/>17% Protein (16.8g/bottle – FREE UK Delivery<br/> 40% fat (17.8g/) 2.5% Dietary Fiber (5g), 41% Carbohydrates (40.4g/bottle/bottle – with FOS (5g/bottle)<br/>Osmola Rität: 523 mOsm/l, the drinking food is gluten and lactose free.<br/>Mixed case mixed with vanilla, banana, strawberry box contents: 30 x 200 ml<br/>

  • Higher energy consumption (Cystische Fibrose, COPD, HIV/AIDS)
  • Bei volume Restriktion (Heart Insuffizienz, Respiratorische Insuffizienz)
  • In Mangel nutrition
  • Signals of healing of Ilungs
  • Energy Density 2.0 kcal/mL

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