2 x GlucoRx Nexus Test Strips Monitoring Blood Glucose - 2 packs of 50

2 x GlucoRx Nexus Test Strips Monitoring Blood Glucose - 2 packs of 50

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GlucoRx Nexus Test Strips are designed for use with compatible glucose meters to measure your blood sugar levels with ease. Each strip features advanced biosensor technology for precise and fast results, allowing you to stay on top of your diabetes management.

With the bundle of two packs of GlucoRx Nexus Test Strips, you'll have an ample supply to meet your immediate and future testing needs. Each pack contains a generous quantity of test strips, ensuring you won't run out anytime soon.

Using GlucoRx Nexus Test Strips is simple and convenient. Just insert a strip into your compatible glucose meter, apply a small blood sample to the designated area, and wait for the results to appear on the meter's screen. Follow the instructions provided with your glucose meter for best practices.

These test strips are suitable for individuals with diabetes who require regular blood glucose monitoring. They provide accurate and reliable results, allowing you to make informed decisions about your diabetes management and overall health.


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This product is for the self-testing of blood glucose by persons with Diabetes Mellitus to help in the management of their condition. It must be used with the corresponding blood glucometer. In buying this product you are confirming that you have the correct meter, and that the product is for the use of an individual with Diabetes Mellitus.

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