10 x Debrisoft Debridement Pads Wound Debridement 10cmx10cm (2 boxes of 5) - NEW

10 x Debrisoft Debridement Pads Wound Debridement 10cmx10cm (2 boxes of 5) - NEW

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Debrisoft is a product which can deride wounds in just 2 to 4 minutes rather than the days and even weeks with a dressing.

Debrisoft is soft and flexible and effectively binds to wound debris, locking it into the Debrisoft fibres. Debrisoft is very easy to use and can be disposed of as normal clinical waste, leaving a clean wound to be dressed as usual.

Debris and excess slough provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and infection in a wound. By actively and efficiently removing this debris, Debrisoft leaves wounds clear and ready for healing in minutes. Because debridement with Debrisoft is rapid, effective and safe, patient comfort is not compromised.

Debrisoft is so easy to use that no special training is required.  The product can be used by general nurses as well as specialist clinicians, reducing the length of time that patients have to wait for treatment and freeing up specialist resources.


  • Soft and flexible

  • Requires no specialist training

  • Gentle on intact, undamaged tissue

  • Removes a range of debris and exudate to promote healing

  • Supplied in packs of 5 sterile pads


  • Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm

  • Depth: 10mm

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