Fresubin Energy Fibre Drink STRAWBERRY - 6X4X200 ml (total 24 drinks)

Fresubin Energy Fibre Drink STRAWBERRY - 6X4X200 ml (total 24 drinks)

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High caloric, fibre-rich drinking food. Flavour: Strawberry

Product description:
Fresubin energy fibre drink

- High energy density dietary (300 kcal per bottle) for patients with:
Normal digestive performance.
Normal fabric change position.
- Prebiotic and bifidogenic fibre:
- Regulate, nourish and protect the intestine
- Promotes healthy intestinal flora.
- counteract diarrhea and constipation
- Balanced fatty acid pattern for cardiovascular vascular vessels and immune system
- supply of vitamins and trace elements from 3 EasyDrinks

Tip: Fresubin energy fibre DRINK tastes best slightly cooled

- lack of or limited ability to adequately diet
- malnutrition
- Increased energy and nutrient requirements
- Consuming diseases
- Loss of appetite
- Convalescence

- basic contraindication of enteral diet, such as thin intestinal intestinal diet, ileus.
- Severe organ-specific disorders, such as hepatic insufficiency, renal insufficiency, acute pancreatitis depending on the status.
- Metabolic disorders of the nutrients contained in Fresubin energy fibre DRINK.

Medium daily dose for exclusive diet:
5 to 7 hydration packs

Room temperature. Open containers in the fridge can be kept for up to 24 hours.

Version: 09/2008

  • FRESUBIN Energy fibre drink
  • Hochkalo historical, Ballaststoffreiche drinking food
  • Taste: Strawberry
  • Bedarf reach of the supply with vitamins and trace elements
  • Präbiotische and Bifidogene fibre

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