Activon Tulle 10cm x 10cm Dressing x 5-304-0623

Activon Tulle 10cm x 10cm Dressing x 5

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Activon Tulle 10cm x 10cm Dressing x 5 - 304-0623

Activon Tulle is a BP specification knitted viscose primary dressing impregnated with an optimum volume of Activon medical grade Manuka honey for effective wound treatment. Activon is pure honey with no additives which could cause an adverse reaction. It is produced to the highest possible hygiene standards to ensure its suitability for the treatment of wounds.

Activon Tulle honey coated dressing is designed to protect a wound, create a moist healing environment and form a barrier which effectively reduces or eliminates wound odour.

Through osmotic action attributable to the high sugar levels in the antibacterial Manuka honey, exudate will be drawn from the wound into the dressing, which promotes autolytic debridement. Activon Tulle will maintain a moist environment and will help improve the condition of the wound bed.

Properties of Activon

Broad spectrum antibacterial

High osmotic pressure de-brides and de-sloughs wounds

Effectively combats odour from wounds

Provides moist wound healing

Promotes healing


Indications for Activon

Leg ulcers

Pressure sores

Malodorous wounds


Surgical wounds

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