3 x EMLA Cream 5g tube (15g total) - NEW STOCK - Free P&P

3 x EMLA Cream 5g tube (15g total) - NEW STOCK - Free P&P

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This price is for three tubes of 5g of Emla cream.  No dressings are included.

Emla is a numbing cream for reducing the pain of needle procedures, including injections, vaccinations and blood tests, as well as cosmetic skin procedures involving needles or lasers, such as tattoos or laser hair removal.

To achieve the numbing effect, you’ll need to apply Emla to the skin around 60 minutes before the procedure and always cover the area with a suitable occlusive dressing. Typically, the numbing effect then lasts for two hours following removal of the cream, however this time is shorter when Emla is used on your face. Always do a patch test before first use to test for hypersensitivity. Please read the Patient Information Leaflet (reproduced below) - before first use.

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